Volume Loss 

Dermal fillers for softening facial wrinkles & plumping cheeks/lips 

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Volume loss fillers Restylane at the Lynton Clinic, Cheshire, Stockport

Restore and enhance your features...

  • Carried out by our specialist doctors in a safe, clinical environment
  • Give your face added volume and help soften wrinkles (Inc. under eye wrinkles) and facial lines 
  • Long-lasting results that help enhance your natural features 

Dermal fillers are one of the most popular, volume enhancing treatments used to reduce facial lines and wrinkles and to restore plumpness to the lips and cheeks, redefining the shape of your face.

Treatment Summary

Take a look at our Treatment Summary to help give you an idea if the basics
when it comes to treatments for volume loss at the Lynton Clinic:

 treatment at the lynton clinic, cheadle cheshire

Dermal filler for eye wrinkles experts at the lynton clinic, cheshireCarried out by our aesthetic experts

As skin ages it loses its elasticity and becomes less supple. As a result, lips can lose their fullness, lines can appear around the mouth and nose area, and cheeks can start to look sunken and hollow.

 A course of laser treatments is usually required at 4 – 8 weekly intervals to follow the hair growth cycle. Treatment will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and free from painful in-growing hairs.


We use 

Restylane fillers, Skinboosters and skincare are designed to help restore, enhance and refresh your skin.

Age the way you want to with Restylane

Restylane dermal filler at the Lynton Clinic


 "My upper lip has been a bug bare for a long time. I wanted more definition and a plumper appearance. The result was amazing, I love my new lips and the confidence they have given me."

Judy | Lynton Clinic Customer, 2015

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+ Are there any side effects?

Most people will find the area is a little red, and a little bit swollen for the first  24-48 hours. This is particularly the case with lip augmentation. Occasionally the treated area may bruise. Sometimes people may be able to feel the product under the skin initially, but this settles over a week or so.

+ How long do they last for?

Depending upon which formulation is used, and what you require, they can last from 6 months to 3 years. They break down naturally over time. If you don’t like the effect achieved, Hyaluronic Acid fillers can be simply dissolved away under the skin by our team.

+ When do the results show?

The results with most fillers are instant, thought may take a few days to settle and establish fully.

+ What does treatment feel like?

The injections maybe slightly uncomfortable but normally no anaesthesia is needed.  However, some products contain a local anaesthetic to help minimise discomfort. A small amount of massage may be performed afterwards to the area to help the product to sit correctly.

+ How is treatment carried out?

The gel is injected into the skin using an ultra fine needle.

+ What areas can be treated?

Popular areas to add volume and fullness include the lips and cheeks. For smoothing and plumping lines and wrinkles, popular treatment areas include nose-mouth lines, jowl lines, below the eyes and around the lips.

+ What are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal Fillers frequently consist of Hyaluronic Acid, a substance naturally found within the skin which contributes to volume and skin hydration. Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler is formulated as a gel which is smooth and can be long lasting.


Prices start from £250