Multi-Coloured Tattoo Removal Laser at the Lynton Clinic, Cheadle in Cheshire

Lynton DEKA QS4 Tattoo Removal at the Lynton Clinic

Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment 

Q switch lasers have been around for years and can be used for tattoo removal and also pigmentation removal. They are different to a lot of other lasers that are used for other cosmetic treatments as they travel a lot faster (nano seconds). This means that they break ink down and rely upon a mechanical mechanism as opposed to heating which a lot of other lasers do

Not all Q switch lasers are the same, some are gentle known as passive, whilst some are stronger and are referred to as active. Here at The Lynton Clinic we only work with the best and we use a system called the Synchro QS4. This is an active Q switched laser using multiple laser wavelengths. This allows us to treat most tattoo ink colours including blue and green! The system also has a technology called Square Spot Technology, meaning that the laser beam is perfectly even all the way across, reducing the risk of scar tissue and problems.

What is a Q switch Laser?

This is a type of laser that takes a traditional long pulsed laser which is normally delivered in milliseconds (therefore creating a heating effect) and converts it into nanoseconds. This makes it much faster and instead of having a thermal effect it has a mechanical effect which has a stronger action.

Are there different types and how do I know which is best?

Yes, there are two different types of Q – Switch; passive and active. Active is a stronger system utilising higher peak energies. This means better and often slightly quicker results. We use only active Q switch lasers here, they are also used by hospitals due to the high energy output

How will I know what is an active and what is passive?

Most Laser technicians would be able to answer this. An active will always have a metal arm coming out of the machine which delivers the laser, like in this picture

What do they treat?

Mainly they are used for tattoo removal, but can also be used for pigments such as freckles, sunspots and some pigmented birthmarks.

I have blue and green ink can you treat me?

Yes we are lucky here that we have a ruby laser which uses red light and works very well on green and blue ink

Do they kill hair?

They can kill up to 10% of the hair in the treatment area, though no more than that, and often we don’t see as much as that.