Laser Hair Removal at the Lynton Clinic, Cheshire

Should you have IPL? Laser?

Motus Pain Free Laser Hair Removal Alexandrite LyntonHave you heard of terms like ‘Alex’ and ‘Intensed Pulsed Light’? Have you had treatment before and not had good results? It can all be very confusing as there are a lot of clinics and lots of different machines on the market so trying to choose the best is not an easy task.

At The Lynton Clinic, we have laser and IPL though we mainly use a laser. We have the “Gold Standard” in hair removal technology, the DEKA Motus. It is the world’s first 'Pain-Free' Alexandrite laser. 

  • All skin & hair types with an Alexandrite laser

  • Exceptional results for fine facial
    hairs on Fitzpatrick skin type 4/5 skins

  • Increased safety on tanned skins

  • Improved results on light coloured hair such as blonde & red

We use the DEKA Motus device: 





What are these types of lasers?

Alexandrite and Nd: YAG lasers have been around for many years now they are class 4 medical lasers and have been proven to get great results on the right candidate. Typically the alexandrite laser is the strongest in its field and has been proven so through medical papers. But the downside to its strength is that it cannot be used on darker Asian or black afro-Caribbean skins, as this would cause burns. This is where the Nd Yag has been introduced as it not as well absorbed by the pigment in our skin’s making it safer for darker skins. Though it can struggle to successfully treat thinner or lighter hairs. Which is why now they have started mixing the two together.

Can it treat all skin types?

Yes! Is the great news, with some systems they cannot safely treat dark skins, or they may treat but the results are not very good. By mixing the strongest with the safest we get very satisfactory outcomes on most people.

Can it treat all hair?

Even with this great machine we still have some restrictions that all lasers and IPL’s have. The hair does have to have some melanin (pigment) to it, so it can’t work on white, very blonde, or red hair. But if it has slight pigment i.e dark blonde, red-brown- then this machine will pick it up and should get results

If the hair is vellus (very fine and fluffy) then again no laser can really work on that but if is fine to medium then we can achieve some great results

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