Areas of Concern

Dull skin

Acne in Cheshire, Stockport

IPL acne treatments are becoming ever popular with more people suffering now with the condition. We use products, peels and lasers to reduce the appearance

Birthmark Removal

Birthmark treatments are performed using lasers to break it down and fade the appearance, we mainly treat port wine stains or cafe au lait

Cellulite in Cheshire, Stockport

Radiofrequency | Cellulite treatments are performed using mainly radiofrequency to soften the fat and increase skin strength, giving a smoother less dimpled appearance

Fat Reduction in Cheshire, Stockport

Radiofrequency | Fat Reduction Treatments are performed using mainly ultrasound and radio frequency to reduce excess fat in areas where we simply cant shift it .....

Laser Hair Removal in Cheshire, Stockport

Laser hair removal in Cheadle, Cheshire for permanent hair reduction

Laser Tattoo Removal in Cheshire, Stockport

Laser tattoo removal treatment's for the reduction and removal of tattoo's including professional, amateur and cosmetic.. colours treatable including blue and green!!

Leg Vessel in Cheshire, Stockport

Leg vessel treatments here are mainly performed using lasers, or sometimes schlerotherapy to reduce the number and size of vessels

Pigmentation in Cheshire, Stockport

IPL | Pigmentation Treatments for sunspots, freckles and possibly sun-damage.... mainly using lasers and possibly skin peels and products

Red veins/ Rosacea in Cheshire, Stockport

IPL | Rosacea treatments for the symptoms of rosacea and red veins including; redness, facial flushing, red veins, inflammation and spots/breakouts using ipl, laser and facials

Scar in Cheshire, Stockport

Laser | Scar treatments to reduce the appearance and improve the texture, using lasers to resurface and stimulate the repair of the skin

Skin Tightening Body in Cheshire, Stockport

Radiofrequency | Skin tightening body treatments are performed using radiofrequency to stimulate the collagen and elastin to give us back a tighter and firmer skin

Skin tightening face in Cheshire, Stockport

Skin tightening face treatments are using lasers or radiofrequency to simulate collagen and elastin giving a tighter and firmer skin, good for slackness

Stretch Mark in Cheshire, Stockport

Laser | Stretch Mark treatments to reduce the appearance and texture of the marks, using lasers to stimulate the repair of the skin and resurface

Volume Loss in Cheshire, Stockport

Volume loss and wrinkle filler treatments for loss of volume to the face, cheeks and lips.... mainly using injectable's to restore and bring the skin back to it's youth

Wrinkles injectable Treatment in Cheshire, Stockport

Wrinkles - Injectable treatments often using muscle relaxing treatments or dermal fillers for; crow's feet, nose to mouth lines and frown lines